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Lake Hall

Due to its particular shape and size, it is ideal for special presentations. The lake view and the option of an arrangement of five independent rooms, that can be adapted according to the needs of the client, make the Lake Hall ideal for congresses and conventions. It boasts views of the lake as well as broadband internet and wifi connection.

LENGTH: 32.8 meters
WIDTH: 16 meters
CAPACITY: 500 seats
FEATURES: Air Conditioning / Heating


It is the perfect location for product launches, conferences, seminars, workshops and major events. It has splendid acoustics with an Executive Meeting Room, Projection Room, Giant Screen, Special Lights and Sound and broadband Internet and Wi-Fi.

LENGTH: 28.5 meters
WIDTH: 17 meters
HEIGHT: 7.8 meters
CAPACITY: 600 seats
FEATURE: Air Conditioning / Heating

Garden Hall

Ideal for informal meetings and product exhibitions. It is located in the heart of the park, in front of one of the pools. Ideal setting that combines work with a little bit of tranquility.

LENGTH: 18 meters
WIDTH: 6.2 meters
CAPACITY: 100 seats
FEATURES: Air conditioning / Heating

VIP Lounge

As its name explains, it is a warm special room for small meetings. It has a roof made of pinewood combined with parquet flooring and the lighting that creates a sensation of special intimacy. It has broadband Internet and wifi.

LENGTH: 13.6 meters
WIDTH: 5.7 meters
CAPACITY: 80 seats
FEATURES: Air Conditioning / Heating

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