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How can you find us?

City map of Villa Carlos Paz.

Location of Portal del Lago: through the Cordoba-VCP Highway, following the way along San Martín Avenue to Gobernador Alvez Street. Once you turn into right towards the lake, you will find us.
Selecting Villa Carlos Paz as a spot to spend your holidays, you may also enjoy the different activities and tours that the city and hills are offering.


-Uritorco Mount: Located at the outskirts of Capilla del Monte city, upon 2000 meters height, is considered from long time ago as one of the most sacred and energetic spots of the Cordoba Hills.

-Champaquí Mount: Land of Comechingones, belongs to the mountain chain of High Hills of this province. It is the highest mount of Córdoba with a height of 2.790 meters above sea level.

-National Park Quebrada del Condorito: Is a vast cut carved in the rock of the eastern side of Pampa de Achala as a result of tectonics forces and water erosion. Its walls of more than 1500 meters height lodge nests belonging to one of the biggest species all over the world: the Condor.

-Suspension Bridges Route: Towards the south of villa Carlos Paz begins the sinuous ascent to the High Peaks through a paved route. The path fades among water falls of several meters height and bridges passing through courses of crystal brooks.
-Entertainment: A wide variety of night activities, such as bars, restaurants, casino, night clubs, theatres, pubs, and multiple options to have real fun.

-Los Gigantes Mount: giant massif of 2.300 meters height, and one of the last shelters of condors and tabaquillos (typical bush tree).

-Jesuitical Farms: Considering the city of Carlos Paz as a starting point, you can have access to one of the most important tours of our country.

-Bosque Alegre Observatory: The astrophysics station was created in 1942 and is located in the Small Hills of Córdoba at 1.250 meters above sea level. There are guided tours with video and scientific explanations on its history, characteristics and activities.

Map of the Hills of Cordoba (Click on the image to zoom up)

-Discovering Córdoba “La Docta”
-City tours.
-Beach Resorts.
-Aquatics Sports in San Roque Lake.

-Alternative Tourism: Trekking. Mountain Bike. Horse Riding. Rock Climbing. Rappel. Expeditions in the hills of Cordoba. National Parks. Exploring the caverns. 4x4 Tours.